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SAIP S.R.L.: piston accumulators

SAIP S.R.L.: piston accumulatorsIf you’re familiar with accumulators you’ll understand the importance of selecting the right type for the system you’re operating. There are three main types of accumulators, diaphragm, bladder, and piston accumulators. It’s worth noting that older piston accumulators are weight loaded to create the desired effect. Modern piston accumulators use hydropneumatic pressure. They are much lighter and more efficient than the older type.

How The Piston Accumulator Works

An accumulator is designed to reduce or increase the pressure in a hydraulic system. The conventional diaphragm type accumulator does this by having a chamber half-filled with gas. A diaphragm separates the chamber, the other half is full of liquid. The pressure in both should be equal. When the pressure outside the chamber drops the gas inside the chamber can push fluid out. This increases the pressure of the surrounding fluid and rebalances the pressure. Equally, excess pressure in the system will force liquid into the chamber and compress the gas until it is balanced again. Piston accumulators work on the same principle. A piston sits inside a chamber with a compressible gas cushion above it and the liquid below. The piston moves up and down with pressure in the system, maintaining balance. The key to adding a piston accumulator to your system is to know the maximum and minimum pressure your system needs to work between. This will help you choose the right accumulator and get an efficient and reliable system. It’s essential to note the piston accumulators are generally the right choice if you need a large fluid storage area at high pressures.  

Choosing The Right Piston Accumulator

Knowing that you need an accumulator capable of handling volume and pressure is only the first step. There are an array of piston accumulators on the market, it’s important to choose one from a reputable manufacturer SAIP S.R.L. is an Italian firm with 40 years of experience in hydropneumatic technology. With several patents to their name, you can rest assured that they know their stuff. They have an array of piston accumulators available, all made from Carbon steel and stainless steel, maximizing strength and durability. Volume size starts from 80 liters and you’ll find a choice of pressure tolerances, starting at 250 bar. The average speed of the piston in the accumulator is 5m/s but it is possible to vary this. Best of all, SAIP S.R.L. has an excellent reputation, great knowledge of the industry, and potentially the best customer service support staff you’ll find anywhere.

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Pmax:350bar Fluid Thread:G1-1/4 Gas Valve:7/8-14UNF Bladder Material:NBR -15º +80ºC Article Number:4204019420
Pmax:350bar Fluid Thread:G1-1/4 Gas Valve:7/8-14UNF Bladder Material:NBR -15º +80ºC Article Number:4204019420


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