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Professional hydraulic system and
accumulator manufacturer

JUNRAN Hydraulics was established in 1986 primarily to supply the mining and mineral extraction industry. From those early days JUNRAN Hydraulics has grown to be one of the most respected companies in the hydraulics industry.

The original purpose of the company was simply to offer a repair service, but due to demand for custom built equipment, this provided an ideal platform for JUNRAN to diversify into the manufacturing and sales sector of the industry.

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August 31, 2018
september 20, 2019
january 14, 2020
february 29, 2020


Today JUNRAN offers a comprehensive service for the design, manufacture, supply and repair of a wide range of hydraulic equipment which includes cylinders, power packs, pumps, motors, valves, seals and all other types of ancillary equipment. A one stop shop for hydraulic solutions.


JUNRAN’s attention to customer care has resulted in many new business enquiries generated by referrals and recommendations from our existing customers. Natural organic growth has seen this list continue to grow as more and more companies, in many diverse industries, benefit from JUNRAN’s specialist services.

In particular there is a growing demand for our specialist service in railway maintenance, steel production, shipping, utility suppliers, waste management, mobile plant and petrochemicals where any failure attributed to the hydraulic components inevitably leads to costly downtime. One enduring characteristic of the hydraulic industry has been change. As a company with a long history in providing service to the mining sector and more recently oil, natural gas and petrochemicals industries, JUNRAN has learned to be responsive to change and indeed to be at the forefront of the change process.


With the benefit of a large and well-equipped hydraulics workshop, JUNRAN offers a complete in-house maintenance, repair, and machining service for all hydraulic equipment.

Despite the sheer scope of cylinders from telescopic to spring return and hollow, our workshop is well equipped to handle all elements of the process.

Even cylinders that are now obsolete, making it impossible to procure spare parts, can be repaired through our ability to directly engineer the required parts.

Recognising operational downtime comes at great expense to you, we offer a complete 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year nationwide collection and delivery service.

We realise it is not always possible for you to bring hydraulic equipment to us so we have a team of site engineers who can diagnose and repair on location. These engineers are also equipped with portable test instruments to ensure full functionality of the hydraulic equipment before they leave the site.

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