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Bladder accumulators are durable and efficient, and have a wide variety of applications such as blowout preventer systems, pulsation dampening, hydraulic power units, fluid volume compensation, wind energy, and many other industrial applications.

Bladder Accumulators: Enhancing Performance and Efficiency in Hydraulic Systems

In hydraulic systems, managing pressure fluctuations and ensuring smooth operation is essential. Bladder accumulators provide a reliable solution to enhance performance, improve efficiency, and protect system components. At JUNRAN, we specialize in providing high-quality bladder accumulators designed to meet the diverse needs of hydraulic applications.

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Pmax:350bar Fluid Thread:G1-1/4 Gas Valve:7/8-14UNF Bladder Material:NBR -15º +80ºC Article Number:4204019420
Pmax:350bar Fluid Thread:G1-1/4 Gas Valve:7/8-14UNF Bladder Material:NBR -15º +80ºC Article Number:4204019420

What are Bladder Accumulators?

Bladder accumulators are hydraulic devices that store hydraulic energy in a flexible bladder filled with nitrogen gas or another compressible medium. They consist of a fluid chamber, bladder, gas chamber, and a separator to separate the fluid and gas. When the hydraulic fluid enters the accumulator, it compresses the gasstoring potential energy that can be released when needed to supplement system flow or absorb pressure variations.

Benefits of Bladder Accumulators:

  • Pressure Stability: Bladder accumulators effectively absorb pressure fluctuations and pulsations in hydraulic systems, providing a stable and consistent flow of hydraulic fluid. They act as a buffer, reducing stress on system components and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: By storing excess hydraulic energy during low-demand periods and releasing it during peak demand, bladder accumulators help optimize energy usage. This reduces the workload on the hydraulic pump, leading to energy savings and improved efficiency.
  • Emergency Power Source: In critical situations such as power failures or pump shutdowns, bladder accumulators can act as emergency power sources, providing hydraulic energy for essential system functions or safely shutting down the system.
  • Component Protection: Pressure surges can cause damage to system components such as pumps, valves, and pipelines. Bladder accumulators absorb these shocks, protecting the equipment and extending their service life. This helps reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Bladder Accumulators types

There are three main types of accumulators, bladder accumulators, piston, and diaphragm. Each one is effective in the right situation, you simply need to know which type of accumulator you should be using.

All accumulators are designed to regulate pressure within a liquid system. But, using the right type will reduce the likelihood of system failure.

Bladder accumulators have two sections, one part gas, and the other fluid. The bladder is effectively a screen preventing the gas from getting to the liquid. The bladder sits in the fluid of the hydraulic system, allowing it to draw fluid in from the system. As it does so it compresses the gas in the other part of the bladder accumulators.

Fluid is sucked into the bladder until the pressure of the gas equals the pressure of the fluid in the system, which surrounds the bladder. When the pressure drops in the system the gas in the bladder is more powerful and will push fluid out of the bladder, back into the system. Again, the two pressures will equalize.

In this way, bladder accumulators maintain an even pressure within a system without any outside interference.

One of the best things about this type of system is its simplicity. A bladder accumulator needs to be inserted inside the accumulator, allowing it to be encompassed in the fluid. They are usually an integral part of the accumulator when you purchase it.

The accumulator connects into the system with a simple entry and exit pipe, allowing the bladder inside to do its job. Of course, you’ll still need a pressure relief valve in case the pressure gets too much for the system to handle and the bladder is unable to reduce it further.

Selecting Bladder Accumulators

The most important part of choosing the right bladder accumulators for your needs is to select a manufacturer that understands how these work and why they are so important.

JUNRAN has over 40 years of experience in hydraulic systems and owns several patents referencing advancements in this field. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to help you calculate the right-size bladder needed. It will be dependent on the pressure of your system and the volume of fluid.

Their range of standard bladder accumulators cover pressures between 30 bar and 500 bar. They’re made with duplex steel and carbon to ensure longevity. In short, they are premium products made by people that understand your needs.

JUNRAN’s High-Quality Bladder Accumulators:

At JUNRAN, we offer a wide range of bladder accumulators designed with precision engineering and the highest quality standards. Here’s what sets our products apart:

  • Robust Construction: Our bladder accumulators are built to withstand demanding conditions, featuring high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes. They are designed for durability and long-term reliability.
  • Customization Options: We understand that different applications have specific requirements. JUNRAN provides customizable bladder accumulators, allowing you to choose the appropriate size, pressure rating, and mounting options to suit your system needs.
  • Application Versatility: JUNRAN’s bladder accumulators are suitable for a variety of hydraulic applications across industries such as manufacturing, construction, marine, and more. They can be utilized in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Expert Support: Our team of experienced engineers is ready to assist you in selecting the right bladder accumulator for your specific application. We provide technical guidance, support, and aftersales service to ensure customer satisfaction.

JUNRAN’s bladder accumulators offer reliable energy storage and pressure stabilization solutions for hydraulic systems. With our high-quality products and expertise, you can enhance the performance, efficiency, and longevity of your hydraulic applications. Contact us today to discuss your bladder accumulator requirements and discover the benefits of partnering with JUNRAN.

Experience the advantages of bladder accumulators for your hydraulic system. Contact JUNRAN now to explore our range of bladder accumulators and find the perfect solution for your application needs.


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