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hydraulic accumulator

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JUNRAN hydraulic accumulator – durable & reliable
JUNRAN hydraulic accumulators have stood for experience in research, development, design in the production of piston, bladder and membrane accumulators for more than 60 years.

With a sophisticated range of accumulator technology, JUNRAN Hydraulics pressure accumulators fulfil diverse requirements in the realm of hydraulics. They are complemented by a wide range of accessories, including safety and shut-off blocks, gas safety valves, filling and testing equipment and a wide variety of measurement sensors.

„excellent pressure solutions“, that is our motto.

With our team of accumulator specialists, we are happy to help you with all your needs. Our competent contact partners are available worldwide.

Energy accumulation, energy recuperation, damping of vibrations and pulsations as well as the compensation of leakage oil are just a few examples where JUNRAN hydraulic accumulators come into use. The correct selection of the appropriate memory is our speciality; our tools are the product range and global approvals.

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